A Close Shave

Richard has invited you into his bathroom to share his shaving ritual. He has to keep his happy trail in perfect shape for the camera, and his fuzzy navel needs some TLC. He uses a thick, oily lotion to lubricate his tummy for the shave. You watch  as he rubs the lotion in his washboard abs. Don't you want to lick them first? Each slow, sensual stroke of his razor leaves behind a smooth, lean patch of abs, hard as a snare drum. The close contact is making something else hard, too - or maybe it's the fact that you're watching. Richard unbuttons his jeans and releases his beautiful cock. He lets you admire it. Do you want to use some lotion on it? He lubes up his dick and strokes it for you, slowly at first, but soon in a frenzied whip til a giant arc of cum spews up his hairless abs. Thanks for watching - cum again!